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Marine Animal Encounter


#26 Shark Cage Adventure

Rating: 5/5

The tour leaves Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor and lasts two-hours. Tours are available throughout the day Shark Adventures uses a 42-foot aluminum boat.


#27 Shark Cage Encounter

Rating: 5/5

This is an experience of a lifetime. It is a rare day when we do not hear "That was the greatest thing I have ever done"...


#37B Dolphin Encounter

From a waist deep platform, participants observe the dolphins while they perform high-energy behaviors. Dolphins play, kiss and even “dance” with the guests! Photos with your dolphin are available...


#37C Dolphin Swim Adventure

Participants learn about daily dolphin life and interact with them up close and personal in this intimate and educational adventure. Guests enjoy a kiss and belly ride with a dolphin! Photos with...


#38 Sea Lion Encounter

Guests receive a unique opportunity to swim with a Sea Lion in a playful, educational, and interactive atmosphere. During the program, guests will be able to stroke a sea lion as the sea lion swims...