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Big Island Tours


#43 Fly Away - Hawaii Volcano Tour

Your Volcano Tour from Oahu includes roundtrip airfare from Honolulu and park admission. Once you have arrived at Hilo Airport you will get to spend the day at Volcanoes National Park! Your day...


#44 Fly Away - Hawaii Circle Island & Volcano

Enjoy a full day Big Island Grand Circle Tour where you can experience the volcanic excitement and natural scenic beauty of Hawaii. This Big Island Grand Circle Tour will transport you to lush...


#60 Snorkel and Dolphin Adventure (BIG ISLAND)

Discover Kona's underwater paradise! Accessible only by boat, join us in the crystal clear water of a protected marine sanctuary which is home to enchanting coral gardens and over 600 species of...


#61 Whale Watching (BIG ISLAND)

Every year between December and April, more than 8,000 Humpback whales journey over 3,500 miles to Hawaii where they congregate to breed, calf and nurse their young. Our 2.5 hour Whale Watching...


#62 Akaka Falls Zipline (BIG ISLAND)

Cascading nearly 250 ft., one of the World's most spectacular waterfalls passes under your feet as you glide effortlessly through the air. An adventure unmatched in Hawaii, with ziplines that pass...


#63 Mauna Kea Summit and Stars (BIG ISLAND)

Starting out from our headquarters in Kona, we travel up the coast over desolate lava flows for about a half hour before proceeding up the rolling pasturelands on the flanks of Mauna Kea. Turning...


#64 Historical Sunset Dinner Cruise (BIG ISLAND)

Step aboard and journey back in time, when ancient, powerful Kings ruled the rugged and fertile land of the Hawaiian Islands. Our luxurious, three hour guided historical dinner cruise to Kealakekua...


#65 Epic Island Volcano Adventure (BIG ISLAND)

You’ll really get an idea of how big the Big Island is during the course of this tour. And you’ll appreciate that someone else is doing the driving. Starting out from our headquarters in Kona, we...


#66 Hakalau Forest Adventure (BIG ISLAND)

Named by Hawaiians long ago, Hakalau means “many perches” and is still considered critical bird habitat today. Once part of large cattle ranch, it was the first National Wildlife Refuge established...


#67 Kohala Waterfalls Adventure (BIG ISLAND)

Immerse yourself in Kohala’s stunning beauty and rich history. This family friendly tour features a fun off-road adventure and relaxed trail walk, dramatic views of Pololu Valley, charming foot...