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#4 Natural Highlights of Oahu Adventure

Rating: 5/5

Our exploration starts with visiting the world famous Hanauma Bay and lava flows along Oahu's stunning southeast volcanic coastline. Visit an ancient Hawaiian Temple and the world-renowed Pali...


#10 Oahu's Endemic Species Birding Adventure

Rating: 5/5

Journey to the scenic mountains high above Waikiki to a place that time has passed by. In this beautiful setting we look for the island endemic Oahu Amakihi. Next we travel to a low elevation valley...


#11 Coastal Birding Adventure

Rating: 5/5

Hawaii's native seabirds, Enchanted Lake Bird Sanctuary's endangered waterbirds and sixty miles of beautiful coastline are just some of the highlights of this exceptional birding adventure...


#12 North Shore Birding Adventure

Rating: 5/5

Close-up views of the rare Bristle-thighed Curlew on its wintering grounds and the majestic Laysan Albatross await you on our adventure to the North Shore of O'ahu...


#13 Offshore Honolulu Pelagic Birding Adventure

Rating: 5/5

The offshore waters south and west of Oahu's leeward coast offers a fine assortment of both breeding Hawaiian seabirds and trans-equatorial migrants. The best months for seabird diversity are March,...


#66 Hakalau Forest Adventure (BIG ISLAND)

Named by Hawaiians long ago, Hakalau means “many perches” and is still considered critical bird habitat today. Once part of large cattle ranch, it was the first National Wildlife Refuge established...