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Licensed by the State of Hawaii

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Nature Blog
Posted on Thursday 5th February 2015
One of the most marvelous sights in the Pacific ocean is the graceful glide of a Laysan Albatross (MOLI in Hawaiian) at play among the winds and waves. These expert soarers can travel hundreds of miles per day with barely a wingbeat. They nest on islands of the tropical Pacific, but they may head out to Japan, the Aleutian Islands, or California to feed. Laysan Albatrosses are numerous, though they face threats from longline fishing, plastic trash in the ocean, and predation by dogs, rats, and c...

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  • Locally Owned & Operated
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Founded in 1995 as the original nature adventure company on Oahu, we offer the finest eco-tours and best prices available, and have professional, knowledgeable and friendly local guides to narrate each location visited and assist you while exploring our beautiful island. Our tours and activities are selected and designed to show you the fascinating natural diversity and beauty of our island. Spectacular scenery, excellent photographic opportunities, and information about the Geology, Archaeology, Mythology and History of Hawaii await you on our fun and educational tours.

Whether you are interested in Whale Watching Cruises, Tropical Rainforest Jungles, Waterfall Hikes, Shark Cage Adventures, visiting Volcanic Craters, swimming with Dolphins and Sea Turtles, enjoying colorful tropical birds and flowers, or experience an authentic Hawaiian Luau; or simply would like to learn fun and interesting facts about the fascinating natural history of Hawaii, Oahu Nature Tours Inc. has always been the adventure travelers' and travel agents' choice for quality ecotours.

Oahu Nature Tours actively supports many Hawaiian Environmental non-profit organizations including the Nature Conservancy, the Hawaii Audubon Society, the American Bird Conservancy, Kokee Natural History Museum, and the Conservation Council of Hawaii. In addition to financial donations, we allow all non profits free use of Michael's Hawaiian bird species images in their websites and publications. 

By selecting Oahu Nature Tours as your eco-tour provider you are helping support Hawaii's conservation efforts since a portion of our profits are used to support the above conservation groups.

Oahu Nature Tours 
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    #15 Dolphin Watching
    Rating: 5/5

    Waikiki Hotel pick up, all snorkelling gear and a scrumptious lunch is included for all tour times. Dolphins sighted daily year round. All excursions are lead by seasoned island naturalist with...

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